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You can't help but read about the failing dot com companies.

But what the headlines don't tell you is why they fail.
One of the reason is lack of proper planning. People assume if they add dot com to any type of service, they could prosper with out doing any homework. ( e.g. I sell bananas, let do, WRONG)

The Internet is a tool like other business. You would not open a store in the desert and expect to be rich if no one can find you.

Electronic commerce is a very powerful tool. And many companies abuse its premise. At the same time many companies, especially small businesses ignore the power of ecommerce. Pretend we are a supplier of envelopes. At the very least, we could use some type of ecommerce to improve our company.

For example, we could make it easier for suppliers to order and track supplies. We could even use the tools of ecommerce to generate purchase orders filled out with the correct information we need. This would save our staff and the clients time. It also would ensure the format of each purchase order is the way it should be.

Any company should at the very least use ecommerce to display their most current inventories, pricing and current specials.

Just remember all types of ecommerce need to be designed from the beginning with the intention of saving money and improving sales. The biggest mistake of failed dot coms is they try to exploit ecommerce to bring new sales without first looking at themselves and how their business is operated.

You do not need to necessarily increase sales to save money or improve operations. But usually operating more productively results in more satisfied customers which leads to new business.

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